Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It?

Figuring out to manage your razer devices in its best of the best ways?  Thought of Razer Synapse?

Well, if the question pops here What is Razer Synapse? Let us enlighten you with all the details!

To begin with, check out the little history.

Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It?
Razer Synapse Not Opening? How to Fix It

It’s being developed by Razer, and the only target is to allow you rebinding controls or inscribe macros to any of your connected Razer peripherals. 

Thinking on the lines of serviceability and want How it helps you? 

It helps you to manage your peripherals Razer devices better and efficient. Undoubtedly, it’s a reliable software, but sometimes it happens when it shows some issue while opening. 

But, hey, challenges are the part when it’s about technology and during research we came out with the common question or issue, i.e., 

 Why razer synapse won’t open

On that note, we have some proved methods to fix this. 

There is some good method to fixrazer synapse not opening issue and any among this will surely help you out to get this issue solved.

So, it’s a crucial time and every second is striking, check out the below methods to fix this issue in fingers count. 

What to do next? 

If your Razer Synapse not loading or not opening then this could get frustrating because initially, it’s halting your gaming experience, but good news from the edge of its fixing there are some effective ways to fix it out.

Let’s See What Are This Methods

Method 1: Reinstall Razer Synapse Software and also Razer Device Drivers

Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It?
Razer Synapse Not Opening? How to Fix It

How to make razer synapse open on startup? Why reinstall and startup? It has been seen that such an issue may also arise even when you have a good condition driver and software. 

This because there might be something wrong with the installed setup, In this case, you can reinstall the Razer device driver and software.

How to Reinstall it? Well, a few steps to get your Razer back as new. 

  • Step 1: Right-click on the Start button at the left corner in the buttom and now chose the Device Manager option from the menu.
  • Step 2: Now, just double-click on Human Interface Devices, next Keyboards and further to Mice and other pointing devices categories. Click to enlarge them.
  • Step 3: It’s time to select the Razer device listed under the categories after right-clicking and now select the Uninstall device option. 
  • Step 4: Now, you will find a confirmation window popped on the screen. Its time to check to Delete the driver software for this device and select the Uninstall option. 
  • Step 5: It’s time to repeat step 3 and 4 for every Razer Device Driver to uninstall. 
  • Step 6: Unplug all the Razer device connected to the system and restart your computer. 

Lastly, plug all the disconnected Razer devices back in the computer and your Windows will automatically reinstall the drivers for these connected devices. 

Completed? Net yet, after reinstalling all the related drivers, it’s time for your Razer Synapse software to reinstall and proceed with all required settings. 

To fix this completely you need to uninstall all the consisting programs and will have to download the latest version.

Method 2: You have to Install the Latest Microsoft .NET Framework

Why install the latest Microsoft .NET Framework? It’s a system requirement, and most probably if you don’t install .NET Framework, then your Razer Synapse will result to not working or opening issues. 

Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It?
Razer Synapse Not Opening? How to Fix It

You have already installed Framework, but still finding the same not opening issue? If that so happing then you need to make sure that the installed Framework is the latest version or not. 

Surely, now your question must come as – How to check the version?

 Well, it’s simple you can easily check whether your Framework is latest one or not in the official website from where you installed this. 

Method 3: Close All the Processes That’s Related to Razer Synapse 

It’s been said by many uses that they have fixed the Razer Synapse not opening issue, by simply closing all the open process related to Razer. 

Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It?
Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It

 Is it’s a way? Yes, if anything works to resolve an issue it’s a way to solve it. Feel free to have a try.

How to close all the processes related to Razer?

There are a few steps to close them all one, simply right-click the Start button and choose the Task Manager option from the list popped. 

Now, in the opened Task Manager window, just right-click on the Razer processes that have been listed under the Processes tab. Lastly, just click the End task option and close them all.

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After completing all the steps as mention, you can now run your Razer Synapse as an administrator. It will help you to check its opening normally or not.

Method 4: Update Your Windows

Does there’s a need to update your Windows? 

Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It?
Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It

Honestly speaking some users have resolved this issue after updating their Windows and if a process works as a solution, it becomes a method to fix. 

Will it work?

Well, here is dollars to doughnuts, it will work! 

Because, updating Windows is also a proven as quick path to  fix the issue

As Windows have the automatic updates checking feature, that gets downloaded and installed automatically if present.

But if you have made some changes to your Windows Update settings, then undoubtedly you might miss some essential updates. Here it becomes necessary to check for any new updates available manually. 

How to Check? Just go through these steps. 

  • Step 1: To open the Settings option just click on the Windows + I option.
  • Step 2: There you will notice an update and security option, just move ahead and click on the Update & Security > Windows Updates. 
  • Step 3: Finally, just click on the Check for updates button from the right pane.

If you find any available updates that’s getting displayed on the screen, just follow the instructions to complete the updating process.

After that, restart your computer and check if Razer Synapse issue resolved or not. 

Method 5: Disable Your Windows Firewall And Also Your Installed Antivirus 

It’s been confirmed by many users that disabling the Windows Firewall and Antivirus in your computer might resolve this Razer Synapse not opening issue. 

Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It?
Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It

You can easily disable the antivirus by choosing the disable option from the antivirus icon on the screen. But the question arises- How to Disable Windows Firewall? To disable the Windows Firewall, go through these steps-

  • Step 1: Fingers on the keyboard and press Windows + R to open Run.
  • Step 2: Now, type firewall. cpl and press OK to proceed.
  • Step 3: Click on the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off that you can see in the left pane.
  • Step 4: When there comes an interface on the screen as mentioned above, just check both Turn off Windows Defender Firewall options. After this finally click OK.   

Solved Now? Well, this is the final method to solve this issue, and if it’s not solved yet do repeat all the methods once again. There might be some steps you have mistaken recheck back and get your issue fixed. 

Razer Synapse Won’t Open Windows 10 

After the new update, you may face this issue. It’s been said by many users that the new update on Windows 10 restricting the Razer Synapse to open.


Razer Synapse Not Opening! How to Fix It

Now, the question rises- How to solve is the issue? Not exact method to fix it, but some users confirmed that reinstalling synapse, rebooting the computer, and update the Windows latest version helped them out to fix this. And any of this might help you out to resolve the issue. Have a try now.  

How To Add A New Device To Razer Synapse?

Its simple to add a new device to Razer Synapse, just you have to know the actual process. To add the device you have to download Razer Synapse Suit for your computer at first. 

How to download Razer Synapse Suit? To download the suit go to Razer’s official website and from there download the Synapse Razer software. 

It’s a three steps process-

  • First download Synapse from the official website. 
  • After downloading install the Synapse suite.
  • Lastly, after installation just restart your computer.

Now we are adequate to move further, But before this, you have to decide what to change in the Razer setting.

This changes will accomplish about the need and will unlock the cloud functionality. This feature enables you to log in into another PC and can easily access your personal settings that what you want to change.  It would come handy when you start switching your computer with others. 


The issues are the part and parcel of everything we do. However, able to recover them with the available quick solution is a relief. Considering the same, we have collected all the effective methods to fix this issue. 

This razor synapse opening issue won’t have a particular method to be fixed but have some effective methods that you are now familiar with. Our main aim is to provide you with all possible ways to fix this Razer Synapse opening issue.

We hope, this piece of information must have answered all your possible questions that your monkey mind wanted to know.

Razer synapse the feature you are trying to use might get a halt, but after going through this good read it’s just seconds away for you, not a permanent stab. 

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