Rom Download Sites- Every Avid Gamer Must Access Right Now

If you are someone who is an avid gamer but want to visit your past by playing the good old-fashioned computer games, then this article is for you.

In the modern era of technological advancement, computer games have changed a lot. Now with the involvement of Playstation and Xbox, old arcade games similar to Mario, Dendi or Atari have become almost obsolete.

Nowadays, every game designer is obsessed with making their games perfect in every sense. But do you sometimes feel like playing the nostalgic games of the past? Then, do not worry with the help of some rom sites, you too will be able to play some of the most popular games in the world.

The following websites are some of the safest websites where you will be able to install the games you are looking for. 

 15 rom websites that you need to know right now

 Several websites offer you rom without any cost but remember they may infect your laptop or PC with a virus. Therefore, in the following segment, you will find the 15 safest sites for downloading. They are: 

Vim’s Lair

 Vim’s Lair is one of the top rom sites currently available on the internet. If you want to experience your childhood once again, then this site is for you. Here, you will find many legendary games in the world.

With safe ROMs and nostalgic emulators, this site will not disappoint you. You will be able to use the website easily due to the alphabetically-arranged games.

The only drawback of the site is that the games available here are made only in the US. As you know, Japanese games were quite a hit in the past. Despite the small glitch, you should access this site to download ROMs most safely. 


 Romania ROMs is one of the best websites for downloading from in 2019. With numerous emulators and thousands of ROMs, this site is jam-packed with a wide array of options. At the homepage, you will find a search bar where you will be able to enter keywords to find your desired ROMs.

After searching for a particular ROM, you will find a list of downloadable links for your usage. The site lets you avoid pop-up advertisements, malware, and virus.


Not only will you receive every nostalgic gaming ROM, but you will get a summary of the games too. It is the best site to visit your childhood games. 


 This site is one of the best places to download ROMs for all your retro consoles. Not only does this site allows you to play video games, but it lets you play backups also.

With a thorough game list and links for direct-download, the website keeps you safe from outside threats like malware and viruses.

Some of the popular ROMs and emulators like NDS, SNES, GBA, N64, Atari and much more available in the site. You will find almost every favorite game of yours through this site. You will have to install your desired console and start playing the game you always wanted to play.

Not only does it function as a console, but it works as an emulator as well. 


 This website is one of the safest places to download ROMs on the internet right now. Not only can you download ROMs but you will be able to download video games, ISOs, music and many more as well.

It is one of the most reputable site available sites in the market right now. The best thing about the site is that; you do not have to download different applications to play several games, you can play them directly on the internet if you have an internet connection.

The site not only contains games or ROMs but it has a vast collection of movies, music, and videos. The site also has an exhaustive collection of comics. 


 Gamulator is one of the most trustworthy sites in the world. It is a comparatively new ROM download site. Through this site, you will not even need to search the internet for the required game. You will find your desired match along with the ROM on the website.

Here, you will find specific games that are quite uncommon to see on the internet. No matter how rare the game is, if that has ever been released on any console, Xbox, PC, then you will find that in Gamulator.

Navigating the site is quite accessible since it is neatly categorized under different genres. You will be able to download the said games on your smartphones, tablet, PC. 

 The Eye

 The Eye is one of the safest from download sites available in 2019. Apart from letting you download ROM, this website enables you to acquire several backup services and data storage for your electronic devices.

The site has archive ROMs for almost any consoles available in the world. You will be available to download the ROMs or emulators because they are categorically arranged on the site. One major positive thing about the site is that it is entirely devoid of pop-up advertisements, malware, virus, and other outside threats.

The site expects payment from its users through PayPal or Bitcoins or any different modes.

The site is equipped with discord, where you can clear all your doubts regarding the website. 


If you are a fan of one of the famous archaic games which were a massive part of your childhood, then this site is for you. classic games are one of the best places to download ROMs currently in the world.

Here you will find all the old games that were once immensely popular in pop-culture. classic contain famous games like Mario Coning Edition or Brutal Mario or Pokemon and many more.

The fact that you can play the games directly on the browser without downloading is another added advantage of the site.

Here you can play games on the GBA, SEGA and many others without wasting your storage on your laptop or personal computer. 

 Nice blog

 A nice blog is quite different than other sites for ROM. Here you will find the links where to get ROMs now through several downloadable links. Since the site itself does not host any console or games.

The site has been previously blocked several times, and that is the reason you might not find it at one go. But by searching the name Nicoblog, you will be able to find the site.

Through the website, you will be able to download old games like Legend of Zelda, Fable and many others. Though this site is a pirated site, it is quite popular among gamers.

It offers a wide variety of emulators and ROM games free of cost.  


This site is one of the safest from sites that you will find for accessing old arcade games. RomUlation is quite advanced and sophisticated than any other website for downloading past games.

But the site does not let the users access the site free of cost. You will have to use a point system. After registering on RomUlation, you will be provided with 10,000 points. You will be able to access points to spend on the site.

But after the 10,000 points get used entirely, you will be required to upload a new game on the site in exchange for an old game. If you participate regularly, you get 500 points.

In case you want to become a premium participant, you will have to invest in the site. 


 WoWroms is one of the most reputable rom sites that is perfect for you if you are a fan of nostalgic video games. The site is available to users at no cost at all.

The founders of the site always wanted to preserve old video games that have been currently obsolete from the current gaming consoles.

WoWroms is primarily an open library, and you can not only save past games but upload any other games as well. The site has over 30 ROM emulators and games for different old PCs like Acorn, Apple, Ideos and many more.

You will be able to play some games directly online on the site.


EmulatorZone is for you if you are a fan of old games for emulators like Xbox, Playstation, Sega, MAME and others, then this website is for you. This site is one of the safest emulator sites for you if you are interested in download links for old games for your console.

A fun fact about the site is that there is no registration fee for the site. You would be able to download Rom and emulators as a guest through this website. Since the database of the site is updated regularly.

The site is comparatively simple and presented in a user-friendly manner. It is devoid of any technical aspects of the latest technologies. 


 If you are looking for a website that is simple yet fully functional, then CoolRoom is one of the most reliable rom sites for you. This site is filled with numerous games, gaming images, emulators and gameplays.

You will also find multiple screenshots of variable games and preview videos, walkthroughs of the games that will give you the idea of the game. The sidebar of the site consists of different categories of Rom that will help you find the perfect room for your game.

There are 25 various ROMs available on the website. You will have no problem in installing the emulators since a detailed instruction has been provided to guide you through the process. 

Rom Hustler

Do not get deceived by the simple look of this site, because it is one of the best places for ROMs download you could get. The site has unique features that make up for its simple appearances.

You will find any from you through this site since it has a massive collection of the best emulator on the internet. You will also be able to rate the applications and the emulators to increase their site’s credibility.

Rom Hustler also keeps you safe from outside threats, malware, viruses or any other discrepancies. You can also use the site through your smartphone because it is available in a mobile version as well.


You will be able to download both ROM and the ISO version of the files for your gaming consoles. The site is complete roms safe since it focuses mainly on DVD and CD versions of the games. You will get to play all the games in the PS2, PSP, PlayStation, GameCube, and others. You will also find the description along with the files.

You can also play all the games online without downloading any of the games. Through the site, you will be able to change the language of the website to make it easy for you.

Downloading games through the site is quite accessible since they are categorized under date, time, genres and other segments. 


 This site is a comparatively new website for downloading ROM and emulators. The site has complete roms safe files with over more than 100,000 games.

But one drawback of the website is that you will be able to play only small games through the site.

You will be able to download several short games that were part and parcel of your childhood through the website.

Moreover, it is entirely devoid of malware, outside threats and viruses. 

 To sum it up

In this article, you have been provided with the best, good, good site for ROMs and emulators that are not only efficient but incredibly safe. Some of the websites mentioned above can be accessed at no cost at all. 

Everyone loves childhood memories, and those who are avid gamers have a soft corner for the old games that despite the imperfections were fabulous to play.

If you are one of them, in the sites that are mentioned above, you will be able to relive your memories. The room and emulators will help you in accessing the said games without any problem. 


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