Sony unveils FMP-X1 4K media player

Sony has taken the wraps of its FMP-X1 4K media streaming box, in the battle to get 4KTV content pepped up – and the company has also priced smaller 4KTV sets in the US.

4K, also known as UHD or Ultra High Definition, is essentially double the resolution of traditional HD, in both ways – i.e. it’s 3840 x 2160 – so effectively has the detail of four HD screens merged together, as it were.

The picture is very sharp indeed, to put it simply, and 4KTV was the big thing at January’s CES. However, there are problems with 4KTV, namely the expense of the sets – the massive 84 inch sets on show at CES cost in the region of twenty grand – and there’s also the issue of content. Namely that there isn’t much 4K material around.


Sony hopes to change this with its FMP-X1 4K media box, which will allow for the streaming of 4K content to Sony’s 4K sets. Sony is launching its 4K content service this autumn, according to Trusted Reviews, although the player will come with ten 4K films preloaded to get your started.

Apparently these are: Bad Teacher, Battle: Los Angeles, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Karate Kid (the new one), Salt, Taxi Driver, That’s My Boy, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Other Guys and Total Recall (also the new version).

Sony unveils FMP-X1 4K media player
FMP-X1 4K media

This will be priced at $700, so if and when it comes to UK shores, we’d expect to see it at around the £500 mark, perhaps a bit more.

The new more affordable 4KTVs are 55 and 65 inch models of the XBR 4K model range, and they will sit underneath the flagship 84 inch XBR 4K. The latter is priced at an eye-watering $25,000 in the US, whereas the 55 inch model will be a “mere” $5,000, and the 65 inch XBR 4K will be $7,000.

Still not cheap, no, but far more affordable relatively speaking. Also, on a smaller screen that 4K resolution should look even more detail-packed (though, of course, it depends how far you sit away from the screen, too).

Whether these cheaper 4KTVs will be coming to the UK isn’t clear yet. We’d hope so, before too long anyway, although the prices in pounds will probably translate to not-far-off the dollar price tags.

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