The Last Resort: Signs That You Need Tree Removal in Sydney

Australia, the sixth-largest country in the world, has a vibrant and diverse culture. Immigrants from over 190 countries live harmoniously with indigenous people in its almost 3,000 square miles of land. Its geography is equally varied, giving life to 24,000 species of plants and trees. The country considers its flora as one of its most valued assets and guards it protectively.

Most states and territories have laws that aim to preserve plants and trees, whether in national parks or private homes. Sydney, the country’s largest city, has strict tree management controls that seek to protect individual trees and its urban forest. 

People want to prevent tree removal, Sydney as much as possible, but there are cases where it is the only option. Here are some examples where removing a tree is not only beneficial but necessary:


  • The Tree Is Dead or Dying

Having a dead tree in your property carries a lot of risks, the primary of which is safety. A dead tree becomes brittle and vulnerable to breakage. At any given time, large branches or limbs could fall off and cause injuries to your family or damage to your home. If the branches happen to cause damage to a neighboring property, you would be liable for this as well. 

A dead tree is easy to identify, but a dying one is a bit more challenging. Even a healthy-looking tree with dead branches could pose the same risks and must be dealt with promptly. If you have a tree in your property that gives you a pause, contact your local arborist immediately for an assessment.    

  • The Tree Is Infested

Tree diseases and pests can severely weaken a tree and make it unstable. Termites and borers are the most common pests that dig out a web of tunnels in an infested tree, causing it to collapse over time. Tree diseases, such as Cypress Canker and Oak Wilt, are equally dangerous to trees. 

When a tree is infested, be it by pests or diseases, you must contact an expert in tree removal Sydney immediately before it spreads to other trees or plants in your property. 

  • The Tree Is Encroaching Parts of Your House

Trees can enhance the landscape of your property. But if it grows too close to your house, it could cause damage to your foundation. The risk is high, especially if the clay is used to backfill the foundation walls as the roots would absorb its moisture and cause the soil mass to shrink. 

Aside from compromising your foundation, the branches of the trees can grow close into a wall of your house and rub against it when the wind blows. This would be harmful to both the tree and your house. In some cases, the roots of a tree can grow into small holes of underground pipes, disrupting the flow of water or clogging it entirely.

If a tree is encroaching the space of your house, you must always be on the lookout for cracks and other signs of structural damage. If in doubt, contact a local arborist as soon as possible.

The importance of trees cannot be overstated, and they must be protected at all costs. But if you think tree removal, Sydney is your only option, it is best to consult professionals. They have arborists who know best how to deal with a problematic tree safely, efficiently, and legally.

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