Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube

YouTube as the biggest video platform is handy for many marketers. Even if you are not a marketer and simply want to promote a YouTube channel, then you’ll benefit from this post. Here are top tips on how to get more views on YouTube.

Use Tags properly

It’s important to add ‘tags’ before uploading video. YouTube gives you a chance to add relevant tags to your videos. Try to research the competition. Copy the exact tag that your competitors are using in the videos.

Those tags could lead to better ranking in the algorithm of YouTube. DOn’t spam the ‘tag option’ as YouTube’s algorithm can’t be played. 

Buy YouTube subscribers

You can start with a fresh YouTube channel but it may take time. That’s why you can follow the second option – buy YouTube subscribers that like and comment on your videos.

You need to increase the engagement and with high-quality subscribers, you can do that. Also, when a random YouTube user checks the channel they need a decent number of subscribers to trust in your content.

Level up the ‘thumbnail game’

Do you have eye-catching thumbnails? If you want to win the game of eye-catching thumbnails, then try to use Photoshop. First of all, YouTube can create auto-thumbnails after posting the video.

The auto-generation system can take the shot of a particular moment in the video. Ask yourself a question – is that auto-generated image answering the idea of the video?

If not, then you should create high-quality thumbnails in Photoshop. Try to add your brand name into the thumbnails Don’t forget that eye-catching images are always winning the ‘attention race’. 

End screens are important

You can add an end-screen to each video. By that way, viewers will get offers from YouTube to check other videos on your channel. It’s a win-win option for both your channel and YouTube algorithm. YouTube wants users to stay more on the platform, so they offer your videos that could be interesting. 


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