Do you often get confused in aligning your day-to-day activities in the right manner? And at the end of the day, it seems that no task has been completed properly which leads to even anxiety and tension. As a result, you prefer to use to do list tools that help to organize your schedule.

But unfortunately, most of them get uninstalled soon in favor of good old pen and paper. 

Only the most effective and easy-to-use ones remain popular. But what are the reasons of failures? Let’s know here!


Generally, developers face functional limitations in expressing ideal applications when creating applications (this applies to iOS and Android systems).

 It goes without saying that even the best and most popular applications developed over the years are being deleted by users due to invalid notifications or inconvenient use.

Sometimes developers copy common applications with shortcomings and don’t look at the development of best features that can fulfill the demand.

Therefore, if you want to create an efficient and useful to-do application, our experts have five very useful tips on how to do it: 

1. First of all, the to-do list is

very demanding is the task itself. If the to-do list is incomplete or (worse) out of date, it will not be used.  Therefore, the basic knowledge of to-do list application development allows you to quickly create a to-do list and add subtasks to it.

 Not as simple as it sounds: the to-do list should be fast and flexible enough so that the user can record his thoughts. 

2. Design Well to Gain Attention

 The best idea to keep users motivated is to use bright and annoying push notifications with a cool design.  Cross it out as soon as possible. When considering how to make a to-do list application, notifications should be one of your main ideas. 

3. Easy Navigation:

Many very good to-do list applications are being replaced by notebooks and pens. The main reason is usually confusion with navigation or even location. 

The UX rule of thumb: fewer tags is better 


Gadgets also play an important role in the success of time management applications! Uncomfortable design, inappropriate size and shape, and poor functionality will not satisfy your users, and it is likely to alienate them from using your application. Creating interesting and useful widgets shouldn’t be a problem. These can range from reminders and checklists to motivations and suggestions. Take a moment to solve this problem. 


Bring your application closer to your users. Let him encourage you to be more planned, more disciplined, and generally happy, because even this type of support can make a person’s life better. 

Due to the constant use of “human” applications, the “cold” interface quickly became boring and disappeared from the smartphone. Add encouraging text, warm reminders, and beautiful start-up animations to the task notification, and users will be happy to continue using your app. 


All in all, for the quality development of Android to-do list applications and iPhone to-do list applications, all these techniques are universal and absolutely the best choice. Remember, your application is not the first or only one on the market. Therefore, always try to create new things that are fundamentally better than others. 

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