Top Marketo Marketing Automation Features Users Love

Launched in 2006, Marketo has already emerged as one of the most preferred marketing automation platforms in the world. It is especially popular with players in the B2B space due to its ability to simplify the process of marketing by streamlining the numerous tasks related to marketing that result in the improvement of efficiency and boosts the business’s ability to generate more sales revenue. Adding to its already considerable attraction is Marketo’s flexibility and sophistication that enables its users to do whatever they want and achieve really outstanding results. Marketo has the capability of being scaled up to grow with the changing needs of the business. According to, a dedicated content marketing network is the heart of all marketing campaigns conducted over various online channels, including the web and email. Beyond just marketing automation, Marketo can be very effectively used in other areas of marketing such as marketing management and marketing of customer engagement. Helping it to win many more fans is its 550-partner LaunchPoint ecosystem that facilitates integration with other SaaS providers. There are so many features that most users are not familiar with most of them. Some of the more advanced capabilities are:

Robust Mobile Tools 

The growing penetration and rapidly changing trends of mobile usage have spurred Marketo to introduce a new set of mobile features that can assist modern marketers to stay on top of customer preferences. Typically, marketers nowadays use more than just one device to reach out to customers. This makes it necessary for campaign assets created within the Marketo environment to be optimized for mobile devices. While communication can extend to SMS, the application can be accessed on a variety of devices, including mobile and tablets. Marketo Moments, an app available on both android and iOS serves as a brilliant example of Marketo’s mobile competency that can act to replace the confusion created by mail messaging and obtaining an overall view of the campaigns as they are implemented.

Precision A/B Email Testing

The capability of conducting detailed A/B testing on different parts of marketing emails is generally considered as one of the most useful Marketo features. According to experts, Marketo allows testing of several subject lines, the “from” address of the email, and even the date and time of sending the email. It is possible to perform tests on the full versions of the email communication and discover which mail variant or combination achieves more success with your target audience. This kind of testing is known to have a significant impact on the efficacy of marketing campaigns and help marketers to improve the results and drive ROI. The time of transmission of the mail can be a critical factor when a business has a global footprint as the best results are usually obtained when the recipient is awake and active. Emails that are sent too soon usually get buried under a mountain of other messages and can be easily ignored. Marketo allows recipient segmentation by geographical location so that the emails can be sent at the most optimum times. While ‘flight” segmentation, as the technique is called, is not unique to Marketo; the platform makes it very simple to undertake the process of lead segmentation, and perform the tagging of the locations. With this feature, marketers no longer have to create separate campaigns for each of the time zones they want to address emails.

Power-Packed Engagement Engine 

Using the engagement engine that is built within the Marketo platform, Marketo users can learn the behavior of the prospect by observing what the prospect is doing. If a customer is not engaging to the desired extent, the frequency of the communication addressed to him can be increased. You could also create a specific campaign that is intended to address customers operating in a particular industry or have the same sort of personas that have been identified from within the stream. The good thing is that Marketo allows multiple engagement programs to work simultaneously which gives marketers the flexibility to move potential customers to a different stream so that he can be delivered better or more relevant content. Since it is normal for the typical B2B Marketo customer to have hundreds of thousands of leads in the system at any given point in time with long campaigns often extending to beyond a year, the absence of the system with the right capability can lead to campaigns going off-track in a very big way. Marketo’s Engagement Engine ensures that your marketing campaigns are managed well for optimal results.

Micro Targeting of Website Visitors

Among the biggest advantages of using Marketo is that it permits businesses the opportunity to personalize their websites based on factors like user location, user experience, and special promotions. This delivers the kind of custom experience that discerning customers have come to expect from online marketers. According to marketing experts, this also boils down to the fact that it is possible to reduce the inefficiency of targeting customers the traditional way and ensure that you are addressing your target audience with messages that customize the user experience at the level of the individual user, also referred to as micro-targeting. Marketo creates cookies to track the actions of online users to gather information constantly to help build customer profiles that are current and active. By doing this, they can address very specific target audiences, down to the individual level exclusively.

Smart Lists 

Marketo’s Smart Lists feature is designed to assist marketers to discover groups within the target audience that are using filters so that they can very easily develop programs based on the persona or other individual attributes for managing even very complex campaigns easily. Large users of Marketo have appreciated that even if huge prospecting campaigns are being conducted, the Marketo platform makes it very easy to build and run email campaigns; the level of experience is superior to other marketing platforms. It is even possible to export a Smart List and email it to partners who are not Marketo users.


Even though the features of Marketo are extremely advanced and using it is usually a dream come true for online marketing managers, they also need to figure out whether it suits their kind of organization or even the industry. Since Marketo is not exactly cheap, it can help to do some reading of the reviews or even ask a consultant to evaluate your requirements and suggest the best option.


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