Welcome the festive season and imbibe the holiday spirit by decorating your home with pinecones

Using pinecones is affordable and easy to bring the nature indoors. They can match any decorating niche or style. They are just perfect for the holiday season and you can collect them for free.

  • Putting first things first, you need to prepare the cones by eliminating creepy insects, crawlies, mold and dirt. 
  • Berries and pinecones make a fascinating centerpiece. You can assemble this wonderful DIY Christmas stuff within a few minutes. It’s undoubtedly the perfect finishing item for your holiday table.
  • A topiary of pinecones is a sizzling idea. You can make a beautiful ball of ones and fill baskets or vases with them.
  • You can make beautiful garlands with lush and pretty pinecones. You can customize your own pine garland to lend a touch of woodland and rustic style to your piece.
  • You can easily upcycle a candle holder. Use some cardboard, pinecones and glue to make a pretty and simple candleholder. 
  • A rustic wreath of snowflakes in another brilliant idea. You need paint stir sticks and pinecones to make this piece.
  • A wreath of winter snowflake is just as attractive and the season’s favorite. You can spay the cones with false or faux snow. It will create the upscale and attractive snowflakes.
  • To make a pine and light centerpiece, you must grab some cones, bowl, and a throng of lights. Align them properly to create a dazzling centerpiece.

More festive ideas

It all begins by gathering pinecones from the lawn to warm your interiors in the cold months. You’ll find that pinecone decorations lend an awesome seasonal delight to your property. You can place them against your rattan chairs and put chair covers on the furniture. 

  • Pinecones can create an evergreen accent. You can add poise to your staircase banister with these cones made from ribbon and boughs.
  • Use dedicated florist wires for combining the cones. Choose the ribbons in contemporary and dual colors, fashioning a big bow atop the cones.
  • Hand the piece on the banister’s end to create an inspirational holiday centerpiece.
  • To create the best winter charm, you can bring together pinecones of various sizes and shapes. 
  • You need to large and hot glue pinecones. Put them on a foam cone on the top.
  • Fill all the gaps with smaller cones and paint or bleach the pinecones before assembling them on the table. It creates a wonderful snowy look. 
  • To have a more organic arrangement, you can use natural elements and candles. 
  • You fill up galvanized metal jars alternatively with pinecones, votive candles, seasonal berries, and fresh greenery.
  • The texture-rich front works as a coffee table or desk décor.

The ornamental touch

Pom poms look much like gumdrops. When you glue them to pinecones and hang them from trees in your lawn, they can create a joyous wintery scene in an instant.

You can also adorn a pinecone with a bow. Affix the piece to a twine to create an ornamental vibe. It exudes sophistication. 

The felt pinecone craft can complement a kids’ table as well as a console table. 


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