What is 3D modeling and where it is used?

Are you a creative person looking to learn a new skill? You should consider 3D modeling. This is a technique that involves creating three-dimensional objects using computer software.

Most 3D models are made from simple shapes to complex high-polygon ones. 3D scanning devices are then used to scan different objects into computer software.

Such objects serve as the digital tracing paper that helps in the creation of the final 3D model. After the creation, the objects are then manipulated and scaled accordingly.

Technological advances have significantly contributed to the rapid growth of 3D modeling. It is a field that many people now venture in due to the numerous opportunities available.

Since different industries use this technique, you will not struggle to find the right 3D modeling jobs at dorms or any other studios. Some of the fields that use 3D modeling are discussed as follows.


The 3D modeling technique has led to a significant transformation in the entertainment field. Most of the TV shows and major films use 3D modeling extensively. 3D modelers who work in this field apply special effects to create unique environments that did not exist a few years back.

They also enable supernatural occurrences to unfold naturally. Some artists in this field sometimes use computer graphic imaging to get rid of certain things from a scene. Thanks to the use of 3D modeling, different characters are brought to life in films. If you want to start creating 3D models in the entertainment field.


Many people spend their free time playing different video games through various platforms. The gaming industry makes use of 3D modeling to capture the attention of gamers.

Artists use specialized software to create unique 3D models that make video games quite realistic. 3D modeling enhances not only the scenes but also the props.

Even the characters that are included in different video games nowadays look like real people thanks to the use of 3D modeling. If you aspire to create 3D models for video games, you should start by taking certain courses offered in particular universities.

What is 3D modeling and where it is used?


For a long time, blueprints and plans were presented in the form of drawings. In the past, coming up with realistic pictures of buildings was challenging.

This has changed since renderings are now done on a computer. 3D modeling has boosted people’s imagination since it helps designers come up with realistic pictures of buildings.

3D modeling is a crucial tool in architecture because it enhances project presentations. When renderings are done on a computer, one can easily make corrections or even remodel.

3D modeling in this field also makes it easy to show object dimensions. As an artist in this field, you can even add depth or motion to give the client a clear view of the project at hand.


As a 3D modeler, you can also help a marketer depict certain products in an ideal state. Most marketers work closely with 3D modeling artists to boost the visual appeal of different products.

When a product is realistically presented, the likelihood of the target market, considering it is high. Using this form of technology also enhances the ability to display products on white backgrounds. 3D modeling can help show certain aspects better, such as texture, color, and shape.

If, for instance, a marketer is trying to promote products that often lack visual appeal, they can enhance this by using 3D models. Some of the products that don’t have high visual appeal include frozen foods, canned food, or vegetables. 3D animation is also used in this field to bring certain products to life on the web or TV.

Healthcare sector

The use of 3D modeling has also improved the health care sector in different ways. Thanks to the creation of numerous 3D models, medical professionals can offer enhanced solutions to different health issues. 3D modeling enables doctors to provide their patients with personalized care.

This technology not only helps boost patient outcomes but also leads to faster processes and saves hospitals money. The use of 3D models also enables training students in medical facilities to better understand human anatomy using realistic structural images.


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