Why Brisbanites Should Have Their TVs Mounted

Brisbane is home to well-known sports such as cricket, Australian football, and rugby. While die-hard fans support their favourite teams by watching it live in Stadium Australia, some people prefer to watch in their home’s comfort. This is the perfect time to use your big screen TV and invite friends and family over to watch the entire game live. 

Most Brisbanites have a flat screen TV mounted on walls for added comfortability when watching their favourite team. If you still have a TV stand, you are missing out on a lot of benefits that mounting on walls can give. This is the perfect time to contact tv wall mounting Brisbane based technicians to have it done for you. 

Flat Screens are Meant to Be Mounted

Before purchasing a flat screen TV, you need to make sure you have a sturdy wall in your house where you can mount it on. Flat screens are specifically designed to be mounted on walls. Most flat screen TVs come with TV stands if you still prefer to place your TV on top of a table. However, this can sometimes limit your field of view since the TV sits lower compared to when you mount it on the wall. 

Once mounted on the wall, you are granted a wider view, allowing everyone to watch without any obstruction. Whether you have a table in front of you with vases and other decorations, you can still watch TV without a problem. 

More Decorative Options

Placing your TV on a table is not a bad idea, as long as the table is high enough to watch comfortably. However, you might have a hard time adding decorations on the table where the TV is placed because of how large it is. The table might only accommodate the TV alone, and placing other objects may look messy and overcrowded. 

This is why you need to contact tv wall mounting Brisbane based technicians to mount it. Mounting your TV gives you more options to decorate the table since there are no obstructions anymore. Mounting it is also practical if you have a wall-mounted shelf built around the TV, which also lets you place more decorations below the TV. 

Ensure Safety When Kids are Around

Having children around the house can be a problem for Brisbane parents, especially if they move and run a lot. Parents should ensure that the house is childproof to prevent any injuries that could be serious. One way to provide a child-friendly home is by mounting the TV on the wall. Using TV stands and placing the TV on a table can pose a potential threat to unaware children. 

For instance, their legs might get caught on the long wires, potentially tugging and making the TV fall on top of them. There are even cases where small children would lean against the TV screen, therefore damaging the TV and potentially injuring the child. Whenever you purchase a flat screen TV, make it a point to have it wall mounted by TV installation experts to prevent any child-related accidents. 

Many TV installation experts in Brisbane can get in touch to do the wall mounting. Make sure you choose a technician with years of experience to ensure they get the job done perfectly to enjoy all the benefits.

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