Why Businesses Send Corporate Holiday Gifts

It’s not uncommon to receive a holiday gift or two in the mail from a company you’ve done business with or contracted with over the course of the year. Wondering why companies would bother sending out gifts in an economy like this? The answer is more complicated than you think.

It’s About Loyalty

Most companies today understand the value of a long term relationship with customers or vendors, and sending out holiday corporate gifts is the perfect way to help keep you within arm’s reach.

After all, if you’re a customer, aren’t you far more likely to go with the company that sent you a nice fruit basket at Christmas last year than the one that hasn’t spoken to you since you ordered thousands of dollars in products and services?

Companies want you to remain loyal to them, and a quick holiday gift is the perfect way to make sure you remember who they are the next time you need something.

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It’s About Gratitude

Most companies really are looking for a way to thank their customers and vendors over the course of the year, so they decide to send out holiday gifts as a short thank you. They understand that you have options in this cut-throat market, and they need you to know that they truly value your business.

A fruit basket or even something as simple as a travel mug is a great way to help you remember that they care about you and want you to come back again and again.

Why Businesses Send Corporate
Holiday Gifts

It’s About Marketing

It’s rare to get a gift from a company without a logo printed somewhere on it, and that’s a huge part of the reason so many companies decide to send out gifts in the first place. They want to give you something, but they want to give you something that will help you remember who they are.

They hope that others will see you’re a dedicated customer too and ask about their services or product line thanks to the marketing on the side of the travel mug, hand crank radio, or fleece blanket they sent.

It’s About Referrals

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most powerful tools in any industry these days, and if you tell someone else about this great company you used when you had your new windows installed or you refer to a company you know that you contracted with last year, people are more likely to contact them for products and services over their competitors.

A holiday gift is a wonderful way to remind you what a great company they are, making you more likely to say,”Oh, I know this company that handles that,” to your nearest neighbor or family member.

Those referrals don’t cost them anything in terms of marketing dollars, so sending out a holiday gift may well be worth several referrals.

No matter why the company sent you a gift this year, a nice thank you is the perfect way to express your gratitude for their gift.

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